Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to School Flashback

Today is the first day of school for my lovely new daughter from China and I'm having that proud mama moment, even though we've only been family for a few short weeks. She's a junior in high school and as we all know, starting a new school can be a little nerve racking. But I know that she has the confidence and brilliance to get through this day beautifully and I can't wait to hear all about her adventures at dinner later tonight. 

Watching her get ready for the first day of school brought back the nostalgia of years gone by, photos taken, a net full of tummy butterflies, and an excitement for what's to come. I can easily remember having all of the feels of getting ready and not knowing what to expect from teachers, friendships, and new activities. I stumbled upon some old photos that made this walk down memory lane even more real and wanted to share them with you all, my family.

1st Day of School
Elementary School Trick or Treating with my very best friend!
Middle School Slumber Parties
Senior Trip
High School Cheer
Best Friend Hugs
School Musicals
Best Friends

I loved sharing my school years with some incredible people who are still the very loves of my life even today! I honestly believe that high school can be a foundation of creating who you are. When you have the ability to learn yourself inside and out while standing next to wonderful friends, your able to build a lifelong connection. The ladies who stood next to me on my first day of freshman year are the same ladies who stood next to me at my wedding. I love them like crazy and will forever be obsessed with my Spice Girl Besties!

Almost 15 years later, we're still the closest friends!

How was high school for you? What were you interested in? Are you still friends with the people who held you up through the ups and downs of your high school years?
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