Friday, September 18, 2015

Great Weekend Reads for the Fall

Hello my lovely friends! I don't know if you've taken a notice to the incredible ladies hanging out in my sidebar yet, but if you haven't, then you should, cause they're awesome! I am easily becoming such a fangirl of each and every one of them and all of the wonderful content they have been putting out this month.

So I've compiled a little list for ya'll of some of my favorite reads that they have created so far this month. So grab a cup of coffee, snuggle up in your favorite spot, and enjoy these weekend reads!

Audrey is currently in the middle of the Blog-tember Challenge and she is killing it with some incredible posts about life. Check out her "Currently" post to see what she's been up to!

Lily is all about wellness and simplicity and consistently has incredible content about healthier living. She is talking all about ways to create clean indoor air on her blog right now!

Who doesn't looove football season?! It's honestly my favorite! Kaycie has some delicious game day snack ideas so that you can entertain in style and fill your belly with some yummy football eats!

Tawni has seriously been challenging me with her Luke 10 series, focusing on the good portion. She's super insightful and I always enjoy reading what the spirit has placed on her heart!

I absolutely adore how real Annie is and her post about Real Life Vs. Online keeps the realness flowing as she discusses our perceived Insta lives versus what truly is happening in life!

Caroline is another one who is always challenging me. This girl could preach right here! Her sweet spirit shines beautifully through her testimony as she continues to journey with God in her discussion Jealousy and Envy!

If you're struggling with the thought of having to return to work post newborn, then the loving advice from Amanda will truly speak to your heart. (Plus their new baby pics are soooo super sweet!)

And speaking of babes, if you just found out your pregnant, Iryna has an awesome collection of super fun pregnancy announcements to entertain your friends and family while proclaiming the excitement for the newest member of the family!

I'm simply crazy about the lovely ladies Aishah and Christina from Happily Hitched, a site dedicated to making sure brides have great marriages as well. This week Aishah's husband is discussing War Room from a husband's perspective. (Seriously an amazing moive ya'll need to see!) 

The brisk Autumn season is upon us and to help bundle you up a bit more, Leelee has some great handmade accessories in her Etsy shop that can help breakup that cool breeze!

And since it is about to be the Fall season, Fall fashion is what everyone is looking for. Here is a great Autumn outfit that Carolyn has put together for a casual September day!

I hope you have enjoyed these awesome weekend reads and continue to follow and learn from these fantastic ladies. Have an incredible last weekend of summer my amazingly wonderful friends! 
Love you!!

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