Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Portraits with Timothy Mullin Media, LLC

I am so incredibly thrilled to be able to share some fantastic pictures that I had taken the other week, with ya'll today. I had the extreme privilege of working with the lovely Margo Mullin of Timothy Mullin Media, in this super fun photo shoot she created for me in a cute farm town in New Jersey. (Yes we have farms in NJ...they don't call it the garden state for nothing.) And I am so wonderfully pleased with how each and every photo came out.

What I truly loved about working with Timothy Mullin Media was that, even though I have never felt myself to have model like qualities or facial expressions, Margo was really able to grab at that natural flair inside of me that I honestly did not know existed. Her easy directions guided me through each photo and her artistic eye framed beautiful surroundings that I fell naturally into. She was able to pull emotions and facials out that truly made this a stunning experience. I would honestly work with her again in a heart beat. 

Now on to the photos!

So what is Timothy Mullin Media all about? I'm glad you asked! They are a husband and wife duo that excels in wedding photos and videography but are also extremely talented in engagement photos, family portraits, and more recently headshots, personal portraits, and car club photos. The clarity of their work is stunnnning ya'll! I'm not even kidding. And it is not just the photography itself, but the editing done afterward that spruces each and every picture to be the very best quality out there. 

They work hand in hand as a beautifully cohesive team to keep you at ease during your shoot and bring life to the experience. This is not the first time I have used them and will absolutely not be the last. Their affordable pricing can make an easy photo shoot day in the park with the family not only an attainable financial decision, but truly a lovely and fun experience for everyone. Check them out on Facebook here, where their extensive range of talent continues, and like their page for exclusive sales and offers so that you can book your first photo shoot with these incredible creators!

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