Friday, September 25, 2015

September Happenings // Coffee Date Linkup

Hello my lovely friends! I did a post like this last month, where I linked up with the fabulous Jenna from Gold and Bloom, and I really loved just being able to chat about life with ya'll. So I decided to try it again. Each month Jenna hosts a monthly link up called the Coffee Date where she talks about her month, highs, lows, all that fun stuff. She then asks for others to share the same. 

I would highly recommend checking her out and linking up all of your fun adventures for the month.  Here are my monthly happenings for September!

This month we're talking about highlights (and let me tell you, there were alot!) But I will try to wrap them up into a few of my favorites.

1. This month has challenged me so much with my writing and I'm loving the opportunity for growth. Not only was I consistent with my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule here on Enjoy this Beautiful Season, but I was also given the opportunity to become a weekly contributor for Willow House Magazine. I truly love writing for the incredible team there. You can check out 40 Fun Date Night Ideas for Fall10 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship, and 7 Tips for Breathtaking Photos!

2. We are finished with our first full month of hosting our exchange student (who I happen to have mentioned in last month's Monthly Happenings Post). Having her here has been such a pleasure and she has been fitting into our family beautifully. Its definitely interesting learning how to become parents, but I think we're handling it quite well thus far. I would highly recommend hosting an exchange student if you have ever thought about it before.

3. I started back to school this month! Now I've actually been out of school for quite a while, with both my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees, but I've headed back part time. I'm at our church's Bible College and it is stretching and growing me so much. I love being in the classroom setting and expanding my mind. I'm having so much fun with the class! 

4. Because it's right at the beginning of Fall, it was time to make sure my house was organized so that the Fall Decor could come out. I love decorating so very much and Fall is all about decorating with pumpkins lol. It's always a blast making my house feel even more like a home. Fall is my second favorite season to decorate for (Christmas obviously taking the cake!)

5. I was able to take some amazing friends from church over to the Ronald McDonald House to spend time crafting with the kids. It was such a lovely evening. It is incredible to watch a child stand up against whatever may be physically holding them back and conquer a task in spite of it. Watching joy spread across each face made my heart swell. If you ever have a chance to volunteer for this amazing organization, you really need to check it out.

6. Over the past month (or two) now, I've had the opportunity to make some real friends in the blogging community. I am loving every second of it. The community of bloggers is so beautiful. Everyone is super uplifting and encouraging. I could not be more excited for the relationships forming and I am super grateful. Check out this lovely shout out from my gorgeous friend Tiffany from In All Things!

It's crazy how fast this year went. I know people always say that, but really, it's about to be October! Christmas is following shortly behind and then it will be 2016. It's just nuts. I've loved September but I know I will love October even more. I have tons of crazy stuff planned and can't wait to let you all in so stay tuned!

What fun and interesting adventure did you get into during September? I would love to know your highlights!

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