Friday, October 30, 2015

Beautiful Transitional Decor Pieces from Fall to Winter

Hello my lovely friends! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how to find beautiful decor pieces that are functional for both the fall and the winter seasons. Both fall and winter are two of my favorite seasons to decorate for. Especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, I feel like it is fairly safe to say that most of us do not have the excess amount of dollars to go crazy on a decor budget for each individual season.

This can make life a bit complicated when you think about how much you want to beautify your space during each particular season. But have no fear! I've created a fun list of different decor items that you can use to transition into both seasons that look fantastic around your home. 

In the fall, if you are anything like me, you have pumpkins around every inch of your home and during Christmas there may be lights everywhere. These are not the decor pieces I am referring to. You want to pick pieces that are more neutral in their function but add a level of texture to each season. What exactly do I mean by that? Follow along my lovelies!


There is so much plaid out in the fall (especially if you have been in Target recently). Plaid is perfect for not only fall but winter as well. The style that goes along with a great plaid item is completely transitional. I would stick to deep color tones (burgundy, dark blue, deep orange). All of these will translate into both seasons and look fantastic around your home. Grabbing a gorgeous deep color plaid blanket to accent your sofa or bed is functional for your fall activities and winter gatherings!

Check out this super snuggly plaid blanket from Pier 1 Imports

Gold Accents

Gold is everywhere right now and it is the perfect color to transition from fall to winter. The best part about the color gold is that you can find it in candy dishes, pillows, vases, table runners, chargers, cheese platters....just about anything. If you are having gatherings at your home for any one of the fall/winter holidays (or even multiple ones) then purchasing gold accent pieces is a perfect way to save some bucks. Each one of these pieces can easily flow from one season to the next.

You can fins these lovelies at Target and Pier 1 Imports

Wire Baskets

I love baskets of all kinds which I have mentioned quite a lot recently both here and here. I have yet to really talk about metal wire baskets however. Mainly because I don't have many in my home. Recently I found this adorable wire basket from Michaels. I have found it to be the perfect home accent and holder of the tiny pumpkins. (Everyone needs a place for the tiny pumpkins to go!) What I love so much about the wire baskets is that you can see through them, allowing your decor of choice to be showcased. This month it is pumpkins, but come Christmas it will transition to pine combs!  

Bakery Fresh Candles

America is on a candle craze ya'll!! And I am right there with everyone. I have multiple candles burning in my home regularly. They add the perfect scent to the decor. I find decor to be an overall experience, so having something to excite your sense of smell is a part of that. Instead of jumping around from one seasonal scent to another, I find the best candles to purchase are bakery fresh scents. The apple pies, pumpkin spice, baked goods kind of scents. These burn beautifully both in the fall and the winter, giving you the sensation of yummy treat goodness throughout the seasons. 

Wood Items

I love wood items that accent the home. They give off the perfect masculine vibe to the soft designs that come along with the holidays. Wood can be used for so much. Similar to the gold accents, you can use wood as a three-tiered tray, throughout your table centerpieces, for your chargers, as different serving bowls...again, pretty much anywhere. These are also perfect for transitioning seasons because the three-tiered tray that held your pumpkins in the fall can hold your Christmas cookies in the winter!

You can find this beauty at Pottery Barn

I hope that some of these tips were helpful for your seasonal home decorating. Like I mentioned in the beginning, fall and winter decorating is my favorite!! But with these helpful tips, I can reuse some of those seasonal purchases and stretch them to incorporate more than just one season. 

I would love to hear what items you use through both the fall and winter! Is there anything I didn't mention that you find to be the perfect transitional decor piece??

And if you want to find some more amazing decor ideas, you can always follow along with me on Instagram, where I am constantly posting lovely pictures from around my home!
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