Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to Declutter 101

Hello my loves! I know we've all been a little more than Pinterest obsessed in the past few years. Comparing yourself to the Pin worthy homes you've always dreamed of can quickly become a slippery slope as you glance around at the clutter filling your own home. Learning how to declutter your space in fun and creative ways can accent your home to give it the Pinable feel you so desire. 

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans are a great way to stylishly accent your space, while staying perfectly functional by hiding any access clutter around the home. They have become a huge furniture staple in the recent years and for good cause. Depending on the size of the ottoman, these lovelies are perfect for storing warm blankets, winter clothes, DVDs, remotes, the possibilities are endless. Check out these gorgeous ottomans from Pier 1 ImportsWayfairPottery Barn, and Overstock.

Containers & Baskets

I've already talked about my love for baskets here and it couldn't be more true. They are the perfect decorative item that adds style and function to a room. I keep baskets all over my home (basket hoarder extraordinaire lol) that hold shoes, magazines, office supplies, and more! Having creative containers around the home can be great for storage as well. I purchased an adorable metal tub from a yardsale last year that sits in my living and holds snuggly blankets throughout the winter. Here are some of my favorite containers and baskets online from  MichaelsTarget, Home Depot, and  The Container Store.

Reevaluate Your Stuff

We all have stuff that takes over our spaces and lives. Most of our clutter is made up of "stuff" that, if we truly evaluated it, we would realize is not necessary to keep in our homes. You do not need to hold on to your 5th grade report card or every book you've ever read. Go through the stuff you have around your home once a year and determine whether it is a necessity or it's something that can be tossed. I love giving to Goodwill and the Vietnam Veterans regularly. And the Vets organization will even pick up straight from your home!

Clear Your Closet

Growing up my mom would always say, "If you haven't put it on your body in a full year, then get rid of it." This could not be more true in all of our lives. Holding on to clothes that you never wear will only make your clutter grow. Bag up those clothes that either no longer fit, are way too worn, or you have not placed on your body all year. These too can head to Goodwill or they can be organized for a fun family yardsale that makes you some extra bucks as well!

Hook It Up

I love finding wood pieces with hooks on them. I use them for hanging keys, clothes, name it, I hang it. Finding decorative hooks and hangers is a great way to add style to your space while also remaining functional. (Hey there a theme going on here?? I believe there is!) Function and style are great together and I find no greater organizational skill then using them to declutter your home. And if you are feeling super creative, you can make your own hook display by purchasing great pieces at Hobby Lobby. You may also find perfect premade hooks from Pier 1 ImportsHome Goods, and Kirkland's.

Decluttering your home is the perfect way to lead your house to its Pin worthy picture self, daily. When things are clean and clutter free, it sets up your space to allow organization to be the predominate feature of your home. This allows you to stay stress free with minimal "stuff" clouding up the view of the area around you. When my home has been decluttered, it allows me to get comfortable in the space around me.

How do you declutter your home? Any tips and tricks that can help us all out?
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