Thursday, October 15, 2015

I am Established // Guest Posting on Clear the Way

Hello my lovely readers! I wanted to take the time to introduce you to a lovely writer, Kate, from the blog Clear the Way. She gave me a wonderful opportunity to post for her last week during her One Word series. I truly love this series. She invites guest bloggers to come on to her site, gives them one word to write about, and then lets the magic happen. This month the word is Establish. I had a blast writing about it and wanted to give you a fun little preview to enjoy. So here we go!

No need to establish, for I am established.
Not because I’ve earned it or even deserve it but simply because I am loved by truth. My story is already weaved and even if I leave the light, it doesn’t matter.
He will find me and wrap me up so securely in His arms. His breath, the wind that whispers into the depths of my soul, you are lovely. I sit back and realize,
I am established.

To read the rest of the post head on over to Clear the Way!
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