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Interior Design Rules for a Beautiful Home Makeover

Hello my lovely friends! I am bringing you a guest post today from the beautiful Patricia, owner of  Kitchen Fitting Paddington. I hope you enjoy these fun design rules she's put together for ya'll to help create a beautiful makeover!

If you want to transform the look of your home, so that it can become more comfortable and stylish, you definitely need to follow some basic interior design rules. You may think that it's child's play to rearrange the rooms in a perfect way but I assure you that in case you underestimate the details, you may fail to receive your dream home makeover. 

Here you have two options – either to search for professional consultation with interior home designers, or to deal with the home renovation all by yourself. If you choose the second one, you will probably need to take into account the following lines, that will help you quickly catch up with the rules that exist in the interior-design world.

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You do not need to be an expert to manage your home makeover but it will certainly help you to realize the fact that you shouldn't spend all of your money to have a beautifully designed home. So you had better make sure that every item and furniture fits in the whole idea of the interior design that you have chosen.

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Think of Softening the Corners

As most of the furniture in rooms have 90 degree angles, you need to do something about the softening of the corners. You can think of a different perspective for the chairs, tables and rugs by choosing such ones with rounded edges. By adding a round coffee table or round rug, you can certainly create a more welcoming atmosphere in the room.

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Choose the Appropriate Chandelier

Lighting plays a great role for the interior design of the room and that is why you need to choose a chandelier that will ideally match the furniture and the carpets. One important rule for the situating of the chandeliers is to hang it directly above the table, when living rooms are concerned. As for the distance that is left between the chandelier and the floor, 60 inches will be usually more than enough to make the perfect symmetry.

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A Word For the Artwork

Hanging artwork, should also be logical so do not try to escape from the rules. The 57-inch rule can be applied for all the rooms in your home. Hang the artwork in a way that the middle of the picture is fixed no more than 57 inches from the ground. The same rule goes for the beautiful mirrors that you plan to hang on the walls. The exception being in the cases when the object is above a sofa or a headboard.

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Think Functionally

You have probably thought of an amazing and even sophisticated design for your rooms. In fact, there is nothing wrong in having such innovative ideas, however, keep in mind the real amount of money that you want to invest in this project. Nowadays there is a great diversity of modern and stylish ideas for home designs that can ideally suit your budget, so do not fall for the first idea that has caught your attention.

These are just a few basic rules that you can follow when you decide to take up a makeover of your home. If you take them into account you can manage with your project without asking for professional consultation from home designers. After you have finished with the procedures, do not forget to provide excellent cleaning of the rooms in order to ensure the perfect home environment. Now that you are well acquainted with the most important rules of the interior design world, you can start with the beautiful makeover of your home.

This article is kindly contributed by Patricia. Patricia loves everything related to home improvement and interior design. She is a small business owner of Kitchen Fitting Paddington. 
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