Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Meet My Sponsors // September 2015

Caroline and her husband live in Texas and while most of her time is spent working, traveling, and socializing, she also blogs over at In Due Time which she started in 2012 after receiving an infertility diagnosis. Caroline's heart behind blogging is to encourage others to put their hope and faith in the Lord as they wait for Him to answer their prayers.

I'm Audrey, the girl behind Whimsical Wanderings. I'm a Jesus-loving, coffee mug-collecting book nerd with a serious case of wanderlust. My space is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging through non-stop creativity, college advice, DIY projects, and the occasional beauty tip. Grab a cup of something hot and stick around to let me get to know you!

Mandie from Yellow Dog Pink Pig, here and excited to introduce myself to you all. I'm a first time mom, DIYer, beach lover, dog lady, upstate New Yorker, and a blogger of course!   Over at Yellow Dog Pink Pig, I share what makes me happy, which means I cover mom stuff, projects, what I ate that day, and everything in between. The name, Yellow Dog Pink Pig came from my love for dogs and my that fact that I married a Pig Farmer. My favorite part about blogging is interacting with my readers, so connect with me via Twitter and Instagram! I am currently doing a #100HappyDays Challenge and its eye opening to reflect each day on something that made me smile. It also has helped my mind set. I'll leave you all with a fun fact about myself - I was a cheerleader growing up and can still do my backhandspring :-) hope to see you over at Yellow Dog Pink Pig! 

My name is Iryna. I’m happily married to a future clinical psychologist and a mom to a beautiful little girl! After becoming a mom, I developed a passion in all things pregnancy/childbirth as well as parenting. Since pregnancy and childbirth in the US become a very doctor-centered issue with no control given to women, I try to educate and empower all women to have the birthing experience they desire. 

As a stay-at-home mom, I love cooking. I always try to come up with new, healthy and delicious recipes that my family would enjoy. And I’m gladly sharing these recipes on my blog, We Are Moms.

 Kaycie is a twenty-something lifestyle blogger who blogs over at Love, Kaycie! She writes about anything and everything including faith, food, travel, and wedding planning! When she's not typing away at her laptop, Kaycie enjoys spending quality time with her fiancĂ©, Asa, or her friends, reading a good book, singing her lungs out, going to the beach or drinking a good cup of coffee!

Leelee is the creative genius behind the Leelee Made This etsy shop.  She decided to take one of her hobbies and create an online shop.  Being able to sell a product has been one of her smaller dreams for many years. The shop originated as a way to help her sister raise funds for a mission journey.  Her etsy shop specializes in accessories and printables. The current stock features handmade scarves and headbands.  

She can be found online on twitter @leeleemadethis or on IG with #leeleemadethis.  Her shop can be found online at

These amazing ladies were on my sidebar for the month of September as incredible sponsors and I absolutely loved working with all of them. All are incredibly talented women! I highly suggest checking them each out! My other sponsors included Lily of Smarty Pants Girl, Tawni of The Life in Between, Annie of The Demczak Days, Aishah and Christina of Happily Hitched, and Carolyn of Life of Miss C. If you have a product or blog you want represented well and are interested in sponsoring Enjoy this Beautiful Season then head on over to my Advertise page and join in the fun! 
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