Friday, October 23, 2015

October Happenings // Coffee Date Linkup

October has been a whirlwind kind of month. I honestly feel like the month was never even here and I can't believe it's already time for another monthly happenings post. I am starting to truly love these and enjoy linking up with the lovely Jenna from Gold & Bloom as well as some incredible bloggers. It's great to take a step back and see how everyone has been doing throughout the month, highs, lows, exciting things to look forward all makes me super happy.

So grab your coffee and let's talk about what's been happening in October!

I ended last month by talking about the need to rest, and boy did I truly mean that. I took my own advice seriously (we have to do that sometimes) and my hubby and I headed to Italy for almost half the month. It was beautiful. We toured the northern portion and covered 9 different cities in 11 days. I am in the middle of preparing a bunch of posts for the upcoming month on the entire journey!

In my August Happenings post I talked all about starting the cheerleading season. It has been a crazy season indeed and the girls have been really working hard to get ready for competition season. November will be a crazy month of nothing but competition all weekend long and I'm getting pumped for what's right around the corner!

When I returned home from Italy, I had the awesome opportunity of catching up on all of my blog reading. (I didn't even realize how much I've come to love reading them until I was without my favorite blogs for a few weeks!) That is when I stumbled upon my dear friend Ashley's post on her Night Owl Gift Guide and she kindly reminded me that Christmas is only 8 weeks away!?! A whaaaaaat??? Yeah, this girl needs to start preparing for real!

I very excitedly announced my blog's new adventure in this post, that the name has officially changed! Not only that but the over all purpose will be to show you just how to keep your space comfortable, no matter where you are in life. I did an even deeper description on my brand new About Me page, so definitely check it out!

I would say to round this month out, I started playing around with candle making. And funny thing is, I really enjoy it alot. I fully believe that it is therapeutic when we are being creative. Take that and add in the lovely scents from the oils as you are creating and it is a truly relaxing hobby.

Now it is time to hear from you, my lovely friends! How has your month been going? Any stresses, wins, exciting adventures?? I would love to hear about it all!
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