Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Creating the Perfect Wedding Design with Fairmont Hotel

So for those of you who are not engulfed in the wedding design arena, it is common knowledge that "wedding season" is just about to be over. But that truly just means one planning season is about to begin!

I've been a lover of all things creative for a long time. Especially when it comes to design. This very much includes wedding themes and plans. I love how each creative piece flows intricately together. And I love sharing design plans with those around me. 

There's one other thing that I love just as much as design and that is travel. I feel the itch when I haven't been on a new adventure in a few months and I'm ready to hit the airport. 

Now the combination of the two is like pure magic to me. Destination weddings are by far my favorite. There is an excitement that builds around, not only the joyous couple, but the journey you are already in the midst of physically beginning with them. 

While perusing the internet for destination wedding hot spots, I found the gorgeous photos of the Fairmont Hotel chain in California. The pictures are stunning!! From the captivating property, to the beautiful architecture...every bit of the scenery wraps you up in a fairy tale story of elegance, grace, and romance. 

How beautiful are these shots from Fairmont's Grand Del Mar venue?? The smooth lines of the building transport me not only across the country, but practically around the world. The architecture has a truly Moroccan feel that allows my mind to be giddy with the decorating possibilities!

Letting that Moroccan vibe develop next to the cool backdrop of southern California creates images in my head of pure elegance mixed with fun colors. Combine that all with a mysterious flair that you only engage in when exploring a new country for the first time, and you have yourself one fantastically gorgeous wedding design.

I combed through Pinterest (because who doesn't when they are trying to create a design board in their minds) and found some amazing photos. Check them out and dream with me as we create this Californian/Moroccan wedding design.

Lights & Lanterns

Lights are half the ambience of a wedding. Lanterns are the perfect way to incorporate the Morrocan feel into this gorgeous space. You can use lanterns for candle light as well as centerpieces, flower arrangements...get creative!

Photo Cred
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Gorgeous colorful fabrics highlight the design in more ways than you realize. I know people tend to skip over the table clothes and runners in order to save money, but these will make your room. They bring together the whole design. In fleshing out this Moroccan design, I love to see the brightly colored silks. And being in Southern California, I love the idea of cool beachy blues and golds.

Photo cred
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What I truly love about dreaming with this theme in mind is that you can take it from one extreme to the other with color. Depending on your personality the room can be soaked with the deepest of hues or almost classically completely void of all color. It is fully your decision.

Photo Cred

Photo Cred


The wedding cake is where you can have a lot of fun with design without making the entire room look eccentric. What I love about these cakes is that the design can be ornate without the colors needing to be out of control. Here are some of my favorites for this theme.

Photo Cred

Photo Cred

This fun theme can be both playful and sophisticated simultaneously. I think that's why I truly love it. The design has so much to offer a variety of people and when you are creating a wedding you are catering to alot of people! 

Have you recently gotten engaged and are looking for a great location for a destination wedding?? I would seriously check out the Fairmont's Grand Del Mar site! The location is a stunner for any couple's perfect day. And I hope some of these thoughts and ideas really taped into your creative juices to design this gorgeous space on your special day. I just love dreaming and imagining the design possibilities!! 

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