Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Exploring Italy // Verona

I absolutely love to travel! At the beginning of 2015 I put together a travel wish list talking all about the wonderful places I wanted to visit. So far this year I've had the privilege of heading to Uganda, Disney World, and most recently Italy!!

I had such a blast as we had the opportunity to explore so many awesome cities while in Italy. It was an incredible vacation filled with laughter and excitement. So I've decided to do a series all about our Italian travels and exactly where you should head to create your comfortable space while you are away for a longer period of time.

The very first stop of our adventure was,


Verona is a gorgeous city in the northern part of Italy, only a 2 hour drive outside of Milan. We had flown into Milan and rented a car to do a tour of the northern half of the country. (Sorry guys, no Rome on this trip.) But the cities and towns we did get to explore were so beautiful and exciting. I would highly recommend renting a car if you are planning an Italian vacation. Split between the four of us that went, the car was $125 a person for 11 days!! You can't get a much better deal then that.

Back to Verona though, let's talk one of the all important suggestions...FOOD! Italy has some incredible places to eat and I'm pretty sure there was not a bad meal had among the group of us. Here were two of my favorite places to eat in the city:


Bistrot Mamma Mia

Situated just across the road from the Arena di Verona, this delicious location has fantastic food options, low prices, and plenty of activity to watch around you while you eat. This restaurant is in the heart of the city and is filled with people regularly. Perfect if you love to be in the center of the action!

Terrazza Bar "Al Ponte"

Ponte means bridge in Italian and this restaurant was set directly next to the gorgeous Ponte Pietra. With a fantastic view of the water and surrounding scenery, this was one of my favorite restaurants in all of Verona. The food was delicious and in the perfect portions for lunch. Everything again was super affordable and the ambiance was blissful. Definitely a restaurant I would highly recommend to anyone heading to Verona!


This small city had some of the best shopping of the entire trip. There are incredible restaurants strewn up and down the Piazza Bra. North of the Piazza, to the west of the Arena di Verona, you enter all of the incredible shopping spaces as you head down the Via Giuseppe Mazzini. There are tons of stores stretching down this strip as well as its neighboring streets. I was in heaven!


Italy is filled with incredible B&B's all over the country that are super affordable as well as extremely comfortable. We found all of our B&B locations from where there were amazing deals!

While in Verona we stayed at the B&B Ganna and we could not have been happier with our choice. The owner was the sweetest lady who was beyond helpful (even though she didn't speak an ounce of English). The room was literally steps from the Piazza Bra and all of the action. It was easy to walk everywhere without needing any extra transportation.

The rooms were super clean and comfy with the perfect amount of Italian charm and character added to spice them up. Breakfast is included and is brought straight to your room. The price of the room is perfect for a couple traveling on a budget. I give it the highest praise!

Places to Visit

The Piazza Bra and the Arena di Verona

Juliette's Balcony (Yes that Juliette!)

Piazza Delle Erbe

Local shops and artisans around the Ponte Pietra

The Ponte Pietra

Any and every gelato shop! They were all delicious!

Castelvecchio Museum

Ponte di Castelvecchio

These locks were all over the city. Many in Juliette's courtyard. These particular ones I photographed on the Ponte di Castelvecchio

A view of the Adige river that flows around the main historical area of Verona.

Verona was the perfect location to begin our adventure. The city was gorgeous and small enough to wander around easily on foot. I loved the food, people, and entertainment. My only regret was not staying there longer. We spent only one night in Verona and the first day was after traveling overseas all night. If you are planning to visit Italy I would absolutely suggest giving a few days of your trip to Verona. I promise you will not regret it!

Have you ever traveled to Italy or Verona? What were your favorite locations/attractions??

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