Monday, November 2, 2015

Motivation Monday

Hello my lovely friends! I wanted to take the day to write a little bit about Mondays to you. I am fully aware of the bad rep that Mondays get. People are always ragging on Monday, always putting it down. (I kind of feel bad for poor Monday.) 

If I am being totally honest with ya'll though, I secretly love Mondays. That's right...I just said it! 

Mondays are like new beginnings for me. It's kind of like, any mistakes I've made or bad days I've had can now all be reset on a Monday. It's a chance to start over. A chance to start fresh. I can reorganize my calendar (and my brain) and I can go for it that week. Not to mention the fact that I have a whole week of new experiences right at my fingertips, ready to enjoy.

Mondays help me to feel invincible! No need to worry about what happened last week. This is a new week. And on this week I can accomplish those goals, complete my to do list, and find joy in all the little pieces while I do it!

I've always been a glass half full kind of gal. I never truly embraced that in the years past, but as I grow and mature, I have honestly come to understand that it is fully my nature to see the best in things. I think that's why I've come to love Mondays as much as I do. I see Mondays as endless possibilities. And I like the thought of endless possibilities.

  Instead of allowing myself to be frustrated or overwhelmed with the tasks that need to be completed that week, I welcome the new challenges. I picture the lives I will have the ability to impact. And then it is all about just going for it! 

I am fully aware that sometimes we all need a little motivation on Monday. A sort of pep talk to keep our eyes on the prize. That's exactly what I hope this post does for you!

What challenges are you facing this week? I truly want to know so I can cheer you on. You can do this!

What sort of goals do you want to accomplish this week? Let's write them all down and believe that it is possible to accomplish the entire list!

Are you in a rough working environment, or stuck in a particular season in life? Let me know so I can pray for you and give you encouragement as you're walking out this crazy life!

Let's be motivation for each other to truly thrive and become bigger people together. God has great things in store for all of you! Let's create that beautiful world we all want to live in. Let's encourage, let's love, and let's motivate each other to be the very best we can be!

(Can you tell yet that I coach cheerleading??)

I've always loved cheerleading because having the ability to cheer on those around me, sets me on fire! I want to be your encouraging voice. So let me know exactly what you need motivation with this Monday and I will be here to cheer you on!

Happy Monday!!

For even more bits of encouragement and motivation, follow me on twitter @DaniDortch. And take some time to check out the #MotivationMonday for some incredible Monday inspiration!
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