Monday, December 28, 2015

After the Christmas High

It's been a while since I've sat here and posted about life and what has been on my mind recently. So that is where I wanted to take this post today. 

I know that in the chaotic season that is Christmas, we can get wrapped up in the preparation. We can focus so much time on the buying, wrapping, organizing, making sure everyone is taken care of, parties, etc, that we just want Christmas to be over with. It seems like a whirlwind and we're all just holding on for dear life.

I know every December season feels that way for me. Most of my family has a birthday within in the month of December, so on top of Christmas, it becomes a crazy month. There are endless gatherings, more presents to buy, and a lot of people pulling for our attention in all directions.

It can honestly feel exhausting. 

And then you get to Christmas day and rush through the chaos of that and by the 26th all you want to do is breath (and sleep). It wasn't until the 27th this year, while sitting in church, that I sat back to reflect on what a gift this whole season has been.

Then I thought about Mary. How the 9 months of pregnancy must have felt like a shuffle to get everything organized and ready. And how, when it came down to it, she didn't even have a "place booked" for her delivery (Luke 2:1-7). There must have been so much stress, so much pressure. Here she is pregnant with the Son of God, such a mighty task to be put on a little girl's shoulders, and she can't even give birth to Him in a place better than a manger.

I'm sure, as all good moms who want to give their children the world, she felt like a bit of a failure. A less than, for not being able to provide for her ever growing family. I'm sure after the stress of everything coming together, she just wanted it all to be over and the pain of the season to be gone.

But then comes the wonderful 26th and 27th. The days where she was able to look down at the beautiful baby that God bestowed upon her, and she was able to see how truly blessed she was. That this was not a painful and crazy season, but exactly where God had placed her. Loving and caring for her beautiful baby boy.

All of the stress and chaos of the previous season was able to melt away to show new life and freedom in the eyes of her son. 

When I think of Mary and all that her family went through to bring the Savior into our lives, I smile because I'm reminded that the stress of my season has brought so much blessing into my life. 

I thank God for the chaos. I thank God for the amazing family and life He has placed me into. I thank God for His Son. I thank God for the consistent sweet reminders that I am loved by Him. And I thank God for each and every one of you, my beautiful readers.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2016!
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