Saturday, December 12, 2015

Decorating the Tree with a DIY Topper

Decorating my Christmas tree is something I look forward to every single year. Heading out to the local nursery to pick up your perfect tree is a highlight of the season. Examining each branch and deciding to make it a part of the family is a huge decision. But it creates a blissful environment that brings all of the magic to Christmas!

Now I know that picking out a real tree is not for everyone, but it has been a special event in my life since I was a kid. I always look forward to finding that perfect tree that will represent our family. This one we picked up in the Home Depot Nursery this year. We started picking up our trees there a few years ago due to the extremely affordable prices of them all!

Once we stand up the tree we add the water to the base. A fun little trick is to add a Tylenol tablet and a little bit of Sprite. For whatever reason this strange combination always helps the tree stay fresh longer. 

When I begin decorating the tree, I always start with the lights. I always push the lights into the center to give the tree a perfectly lit from the inside kind of look. It helps the entire tree shine twice as bright!

This year I was a part of the ornament swap over at Dear Friends blog. These are the lovely ornaments my swap buddy, Taylor, sent me!!

After the lights were set, I decided to add ribbon this year. I took two 10 feet ribbons that I purchased at Home Goods and split them into four equal parts each. I placed all eight ribbons strategically around the tree and tied them together at the top so that they would all cascade down around the tree. 

Once I was finished with tying the ribbon, we hung the ornaments. Then I twisted each of the ribbons to give them a curly like affect.

Next I moved on to my DIY Ribbon Topper. I searched everywhere for a good gold bow this year and could not find one. So I decided to make one instead! 

I first purchased this pack of four smaller ribbons from Home Goods.

Next I grabbed a piece of twine that I had in my craft box. 

I then took the sticky pieces of each bow and wrapped it around the twine to secure it in place.

I did this for all four pieces, keeping them fairly close together, and I just love how it turned out on the top of our tree! It flowed with the longer ribbon so well and really brought the whole look together.

I love how each piece of our tree came together. I could not be happier with the look. We keep our tree in our dining room in the cutout by the windows and it always makes parties so incredibly festive! I'm so excited to start piling up the presents underneath! 

How are you decorating your tree this year?

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