Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Easy & Inexpensive Christmas Decor Ideas

The Christmas season is here!! And I could not be more excited! I love everything about the holiday season. The lights, the shopping, the overall kindness of others....but most of all, I love the decorating! Christmas is like the superbowl of home decor moments and I spend a lot of time planning out exactly how my Christmas decor will show off our family's holiday spirit for the year.

This is our third Christmas in our home and each year I continue to add to the decor excitement. The first year we had just purchased our home and that meant there was very little excess money to purchase things like Christmas decorations. Over the past two following years, I was able to build our decor supply and I've been really happy with the outcome thus far.

For this year I wanted to have a vintage but woodsy feel to our home and I seem to be accomplishing that well with twine and pine cones. (There is quite a lot of that around our home at the moment!)

The one thing that has saddened me about our home though, is the fact that we do not have a fireplace. For most, the fireplace is the centerpiece of the Christmas decor process. It highlights all the beauty of your design. And without one, I was afraid my design might be a little lack luster. 

But this was a challenge I decided to face head on with creativity! So I looked around to see what could replace this Christmas traditional space and found that our radiator cover is not only the perfect size and shape, but it is also super efficient for creating the desired design. Radiator it is! 

Here are some wonderful ways to fancy up those household trouble spots to make them super gorgeous at Christmas time with both creativity and a little DIY skill.

First I found these great garland like sticks at Michaels during their Black Friday sale this year and grabbed a bunch of them. I found that if you overlap them, end to end, they create a beautiful accent to any space. 

I had purchased this fun wire basket back in October as one of my transitional pieces of decor from fall to winter. It used to hold the tiny pumpkins and now it is absolutely perfect for pine cones.

You can purchase pine cones just about anywhere, or you can simply pick them up from the back yard. Whichever tickles your fancy. I picked these up at Michaels, not only for their glittery goodness, but also because they have a delicious cinnamon scent that they are coated in. They add style and smell to our living room!

I then placed the pine cones into the wire basket, alternating the three different styles.

I topped it off by adding this candy cane style twine and a Christmas tag. This was actually a piece of packaging from a candle set I had purchased. I thought it would be the perfect accent to this holiday piece!

These adorable stocking hooks were purchased at Target a few years ago but there are similar ones still in the store. They hang over the side of the radiator cover perfectly and add just the right amount of cuteness to my design.

Finally, I picked up these vintage style stockings from Christmas Tree Shop and I couldn't love them more!

The completed Christmas decor design!

I love how this space came together and highlights our living room. Adding candles I already had around my home, as well as the cream colored lantern, really brought each piece together. It is a super snuggly and comfortable space that I am loving and can't wait to enjoy it! 

For even more Christmas decor, stay tuned for my full design later this week!

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