Monday, December 21, 2015

Treat Yourself with a DIY Hot Chocolate Bar

The Christmas season is definitely one of some high stresses. I know that for me personally, life has been completely full during this holiday time with family outings, community outreach, and lots of work. It's so important to remember during the Christmas season, to take time out and really enjoy  the spirit of the holidays.

For me there is no better way to do this than with great friends and a hot chocolate bar!

Last week I had the opportunity to invite my small group to my home for some fun and laughs. We were able to celebrate Christmas together, tell stories, and share delicious treats. It was a perfect evening of relaxation and joy. I was thrilled to treat my guests (and myself) to a yummy hot chocolate bar that was the perfect ending to a wonderful evening!

I started by grabbing some great hot chocolate flavors from Home Goods. I picked up peppermint chocolate, classic chocolate, and salted caramel chocolate. All three were delicious and even better mixed together!

I finished that off with some great toppings and dark chocolate covered pretzels with peppermint candies for stirring. It was a perfect combination.

Throw in your favorite mugs and some yummy chocolate chip cookies and you have the perfect hot chocolate bar!

To the set the scene for an incredible evening with friends, I decided to put together a fun and easy centerpiece. Lucky for me I have a holly tree in my yard, so I was able to cut a few wonderful branches off to use for my centerpiece. I took a glass tier tray that I purchased at a vintage shop, added the holly around the tiers and then placed some candy canes on top. It was super easy and brought so much color and festivity to my centerpiece!

I rounded off the centerpiece by using two lanterns I had around my home and added some fun candies up and down the table. It brings excitement to the room and adds great treats to pick off of throughout the entire season!

Creating a delicious hot chocolate bar and decorating my dining room to entertain my lovely friends was such a blast! I'm so happy I had the opportunity to take some time and spoil myself with some yummy treats as well as share some love with incredible women!

What have you been up to this holiday season? Have you taken some time out to treat yourself?

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