Monday, January 11, 2016

Creating a 2016 Game Plan

Ok! First week of 2016 officially completed! Was it a good week? Yes! Did it suddenly make my life completely changed and all my resolutions accomplished?? Well, not really...

I know that resolutions are the hot topic for our first week of the year. And then it just sort of fades into the background and "real life" begins. All of that go getter mentality slowly slips into the storage bins we used to pack away the Christmas decor and we are left with nothing but freezing air and a lackluster journey. 

There have been so many times where I have not wanted this to be true, but sadly it tends to creep up on me and I feel as if nothing has changed, nothing has progressed, and the motivation that was pushing me just a week ago if already gone. 

Sound familiar??

I thought so! But here is the great thing about living in this community together...we don't have to do it alone. We can motivate each other and help one another to be accountable for the life we all want to lead. That's great news number one! Great news number two is this, let's stay accountable by creating our very own 2016 game plan!!

While visiting with my brother and sister-in-law this weekend and listening to the pastor preach, he said something that made me look at my year in a whole new light. He said, "Time is not your enemy, it is your friend." He then proceed to explain all of the great leaders in the bible who only became great leaders after time had passed. 

What happened throughout this time? Growth! They all spent time growing, learning, and becoming the person God intended them to be. It was then that God handed His people over to that one person to become their leader. Time was the friend they needed to grow into that person of strength they were meant to be.

I tend to forget that sometimes. I tend to have a dream or vision for my life and than expect it to happen now. I grew up in the microwave generation where if my meal wasn't ready in 2 minutes or less it felt like a lifetime. But the truth is, that microwave meal will never taste the same as the Thanksgiving feast that took all day to prepare. It takes time for things to taste that good.

So why am I saying all of this?? Because if we want to accomplish our goals in 2016, we need to understand that they will not be happening over night. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! And that is exactly what we are going to be doing while we create our 2016 game plan.

Last week I shared some of my favorite resources for goal setting and I'm going to mention this one again Erin Condren Life Planner. This bad boy is a God send and has already been keeping me on task and organized. Not only does it make planning fun, but it helps me to focus on all that needs to be done in the day.

Remember that thing I said about the elephant a few moments ago? It relates perfectly to creating your game plan, especially with your planner. Let me explain what I mean here. 

Game Plan Time

First, I'm able to write down some of the big goals I have for the year. Then I head into each month and write down what I would like to see accomplished overall in that month. And finally, I can go into my weekly sections and write down my daily tasks that need to be accomplished so that I can see these goals come to life!

It really can be that simple! You decide what those big goals are and then break then down to the nitty gritty little daily tasks that will help you accomplish them. 

For example...

One of my big goals is to get in shape this year (I mean, who doesn't have that on their resolutions list??) but I need to set that up game plan style. To do this I went into my planner, wrote out a few monthly goals for what that looks like in January and then I went to my dailys. 

Daily plans look something like this:

*Create a weekly meal plan (Sunday)
*Make up my grocery list & shop (Monday)
*Keep myself accountable (Tuesday)
*Go to the gym (Wednesday)
*Enjoy an activity with my hubby (Thursday)
*Make sure I'm keeping track of what's going into my body (Friday)
*Take some time to pamper myself (Saturday)

Each day is helping me to stay accountable to that goal by creating a game plan that I can easily follow throughout the entire week. Then once I finish the item for the day, I can check it off my list! I feel super accomplished and I know that I am that much closer to my larger goal.

Creating your 2016 game plan can become super easy once you break it down into day to day tasks. I spend my Sunday night filling in my planner with tasks that will help me achieve my goals and I am set for the week. It doesn't even take that much time! Once I'm done I know that my resolutions have a game plan so that they can transition from resolution to achieved goal!!

I'd love to hear from you! What are the things that you are hoping to accomplish for the year? Have you started a 2016 game plan so that you can see those dreams realized? What are some ways you keep yourself accountable? 

If there are any things you want me to help keep you accountable for, let me know in the comments below and we can work on eating this elephant together!!
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