Monday, January 4, 2016

Declutter Yourself from Bad Habits in 2016

It's officially 2016! I just can not believe it. Last year went by so super fast and I am just kind of stunned that it is a New Year already. Also, it's been a really odd winter here in the Northeast so far. Normally it is well below freezing already and all throughout December it was still in the 70's, so my New Year's radar was thrown a little bit by that as well. 

Anyway, I wanted to start off today's post with a little confession to ya'll. For anyone who knows me and has been in my home, you know that I am a cleaning machine. I have to have everything cleared out, put away and organized. I take pride in the fact that my living room, dining room, and kitchen give off a showroom feel most of the time and I enjoy keeping things that way.

That's not the confession though. Here's the real confession. I have a mess room. Like a full blown, makes no sense, junked up area in my home where all of the junk is mine.

It's like this once piece of space that I can not seem to get organized no matter how hard I try (which to be honest, isn't really that hard). But in my mind I justify it by acknowledging that it is on the second floor and no one can see my junk, therefore I don't have to spend that much time on it, right?!

Here's the thing though, no matter how much this room is not visible to others, the junk still frustrates my life regularly. It makes me less productive. I lose things and it is a space of irritation and unrest in my home.

I also realized that this is so super comparable to some bad habits that I allow to sit in my brain and ruin my daily functioning.

Do you have bad habits that effect your day to day living?

And I know what we all say, "Well no one can actually see these bad habits but me, so I don't have to make cleaning them up a priority, right?!" Wrong! Even though our day to day lives may look all pretty on the outside, not dealing with our bad habits is slowly effecting our inner core. The junk inside of each of us still leaves us less productive, irritated, and with a complete feeling of unrest.

So how do we get through this pile of frustration? By decluttering our brain from those bad habits  and focusing on ways to stay productive in the New Year.

How might one do this? Well, just like decluttering a room, you need to do inventory of the space and figure out what you can and can't live without. What is important to hold on to, and what you can throw away forever.

Take Inventory

I was doing such a thing the other night while organizing my 2016 goals list. I realized that my number one goal for the year was to strengthen my marriage. I need to declutter my life from the bad habits that can negatively effect my marriage and train my brain to work on healthy habits instead.

To begin that process, my husband and I sat down and did a relationship inventory. What things do we love that the other person does? What things can we improve on to make our communication even better? Etc. Creating an inventory of habits allowed us to ditch the negative and create time to focus on improvements.

This also leads me to my next point. We took time to recognize the unhealthy habits that were living inside our relationship as well.

Recognize Unhealthy Habits

As great of an exercise as it may be in all of those self help conferences to recognize your strengths and build on them, I think it is twice as important to recognize your weaknesses. This is always a hard task because we don't want to admit to the things we struggle with. But understanding those bad habits can assist you in creating new healthy ones that lead toward your productivity.

Some of the bad habits I recognize in myself that need to kick the bucket this year are TV watching, laziness, and procrastination (to name a few). I know that we may all have tried to write long resolution lists that we're going to throw out the window in two weeks, but I'm urging you to create a list of unhealthy habits that you want to see turned around this year instead and then hand them to a spouse, friend, or parent. Leading me on to the next step....

Have an Accountability Partner

From someone who personally does not like to be told what to do, I know that this step can sometimes be frustrating. But I also recognize how valuable it truly is. My husband is my number one cheerleader. When I set down my goals of things I would like to accomplish and let him in as my accountability partner, I tend to get so much more completed.

Having someone who cares about seeing you reach your goals is not only super helpful but it is also rewarding to both of you when you complete them. It is a way to keep you centered and on task (and away from those pesky bad habits!)

Keeping your mind free of cluttering bad habits will get you more focused on your goals and help you to succeed in your plans. I once heard a statistic that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 21 days to break one! Let's use this January to break ourselves of those bad habits and move on toward a super productive 2016!!

And hey! I did not want to leave you without some fabulous resources to help set you up for success! The first is the Erin Condren Life Planner. I am fully aware that these puppies are a bit hefty on the price but absolutely worth every cent! I love mine and it helps keep me super organized and productive!

Next we have the Lara Casey 2016 Powersheets. I use these bad boys as well and they have kept me so incredibly goal focused, it's amazing! I tend to create goals in my mind that I end up forgetting about or walking away from. But with the powersheets, I'm able to write everything down, remember why I set the goals to begin with, and remind my self daily of each goal with the tending list. Trust me, they are soooo worth the investment!

And finally, this post from Do A New Thing was so incredibly helpful. Christa hits the nail right on the head with her cleaning up 2015 mentality. Each point was right on the money and helped me to reexamine the goals in my life! Definitely check her out!

Now it's your turn! Are there any bad habits you're wishing to get rid of in 2016? Let me know in the comments and we can be accountability partners for each other! 

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