Monday, January 25, 2016

My 2016 Travel Wish List

I had amazing time writing this post last year that I just had to do it again for 2016! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do...just about ever. I love making a wish list for the year and then trying my best to make it possible throughout that time period. Last year I was able to make it to three out of my five wish list locations, Uganda, Orlando, and Italy! All were a blast and I was so thankful that God made it possible to have so many incredible adventures!

So this post is going to be just the same. All of my favorite, hope that I visit, spots for 2016!


Of course there is always a place in heart that hopes I will be headed to Uganda. It is my home away from home and the one place a year that I always wish to visit. I have created some amazing friendships over the years there. I truly pray that this location is on God's agenda for my life yet again!

The Caribbean 

There is nothing like warm Caribbean weather (especially looking out at the piles of snow on the ground at the moment). I headed down to Punta Cana years ago with some friends and it was one of my absolute favorite trips ever. The scenery is gorgeous and the water is a crystal blue. I would completely love to travel back on down to those warm waters this year at some point for some needed rest and relaxation!

Virginia Beach

This area of Virginia is an incredibly beautiful location. I've been down there multiple times now and always have a blast. There is tons to do (even in the winter) and one of my favorite churches is located down there, Wave Church. They hold several conferences throughout the year and I am praying to get down to one this year as well as enjoy the beauty of the area!


I must say that I have never been to Georgia but it is a bucket list location for sure. I always watch movies where the gorgeous old Georgia trees are swaying in the wind while the folks down their sip sweet tea under her branches. It's extremely picturesque and serene to me. So getting down to this beautiful area in the south would be ideal for me to enjoy some time away!

Disney World

Now I know like Uganda, Disney World was on my list last year but I seriously can not help myself. I am just in love with Disney! I mean really, who isn't? My parents only live a few hours south of this favored destination so if I can make a trip out of it, I will. There is always tons to see and do and I truly hope I get to experience the magic yet again!

Ocean City, Maryland

If you live in the Northeast at all, then you know that this is a hot spot for so many tourists in the summer. It is a fun beach town with shopping, rides, tons of food, and so much more. It is a great place to head down and relax while enjoying the waves. There are also some great kayaking locations just north of Ocean City that my family likes to hit up once and a while. All in all this is a great family vacation spot!

Now it's your turn! I would love to hear your wish list for 2016!! Where do you want to head? Any fun vacations planned yet?? Let me know in the comments!!

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