Friday, February 12, 2016

25 Fun & Inexpensive Valentines Date Ideas

I love Valentines Day. I don't care that people think it is a Hallmark holiday. Any holiday that centers around love and romance is alright in my book. I think it is important to celebrate those we love. And yes I do agree that it should be a year round celebration, but why not make sure you're marking your calendar for a day that is extra special!

I also know that you don't have to go all out, to make the day special. There doesn't need to be hundreds of dollars spent or diamonds exchanged (although I don't really know a girl who would say no to diamonds). The simple and inexpensive dates can be just as meaningful and special. 

So here is a list of some my favorite fun and inexpensive dates that you can celebrate your special someone with.

1) A picnic in the living room // There is nothing like a home cooked meal (or even your favorite Chinese food) laid out on a blanket in your living room. A few candles, some sweet music, and your good to go)

2) A long walk through your neighborhood // My hubby and I love looking at the old homes in our area and going for a long walk allows us to open up to each other and have one another's full attention.

3) Have a snow ball fight // If there is snow where you live, this is the perfect silly afternoon to goof off with your sweetie.

4) Walk through a cute town & their local shops // It's fun to be a part of your local community and sharing that with someone you love.

5) Cook together // Cooking with my husband is always such a blast. Throw on some nice jazz music and let the romance begin.

6) Make homemade chocolate covered strawberries & share them together // Uhhh...yum!

7) Go on a wine tasting // For those of you who have never actually been a part of a tasting, they are actually pretty inexpensive. Depending on the winery, in the $5-8 range for a few different wines.

8) Head over to your local coffee shop // Most mom & pop coffee shops can be super snuggly. So grab a cup and snuggle up on the sofa next to you love.

9) Do something creative // Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. You could also spend time painting pottery or head out to a canvas painting place and let those creative juices flow.

10) Head to the place where you first met // Nostalgia is always fun and reminding yourselves where your love started is super sweet.

11) Make it a movie night // There is nothing like watching something you both really enjoy (and no I'm not suggesting your typical rom com). Make it something you will both find entertaining.

12) Make a coupon book // can have a lot of fun with those.

13) Send your love on a scavenger hunt // Hide those clues all around town and lead your sweetie to the prize at the end (you of course!)

14) Head out for froyo // Nothing says I love you like some froyo in your belly.

15) Read to each other // I love hearing the sound of my husband's voice. It's like a book on tape (only better!).

16) Pray for each other // There is something so sweet about hearing your partner's prayers for you. Pray for your upcoming year and everything that you will both be involved with.

17) Catch up on a Netflix series // Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing them snuggling on the sofa and vegging out with your favorite series.

18) Camp out in the living room // Blow up that air mattress, build a fort, and make it a camp in kinda night.

19) Fill the room with candles & Hershey Kisses // See where the night takes you...

20) Spend time baking your favorite dessert // Sweets can always make your day better.

21) Go antiquing // Sometimes you can find some amazing treasures that you can both fix up together for your home.

22) Take a dance class // There is a Latin dance studio right around the corner from us. What could be more spicy than learning a little salsa together?!

23) Spend time writing and exchanging love notes // Remember those high school days when your heart fluttered over a sweet love note. Bring those feelings back with your honey.

24) Go ice skating // It's super fun to hold on to each other as you glide across the ice.

25) Spend time at a local art gallery // Take the day to add a little culture into your lives (and if you don't understand the painting, you can giggle together as well).

I truly hope that all of you have an incredible Valentines day. And remember, it's not about what you do that day, but who you are sharing the day with. Show extra love to the person who means the most to you and have a very Happy Valentines Day!
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