Friday, February 19, 2016

DIY Fabric Vision Board

I am in the midst of trying to fancy up my little office space. At the moment it is a semi dressing room, semi office, semi store all my crap room that needs some major work done to it. So I've decided to start getting it organized little by little. 

At the moment I have a tiny office nock area in the corner of my room. I have big dreams for this area but am trying to work with what I have at the moment. I wanted to dress up this space a bit with some vision boards that will not only help with creating new blog ideas, but also give me a place where I can leave to do lists, photos, and basically anything that makes me joyful.

My first thought was to grab a cork board to accomplish this. But as I browsed through Walmart's craft section, I let the inspiration flood over me and I decided to fancy up the average cork board to give the room a bit more style. 

I created these super easy DIY fabric vision boards to help continue the inspiration in this space. Here's how you can make your very own!

The first thing you are going to need to grab is cork. I found a set of four while at Walmart that were the perfect size for my space. Next pick up four of your favorite style fabric. I am a huge neutral and gray fan so I picked up these all gray patterns. 

Next you are going to take your first fabric and any craft glue that you enjoy and glue the fabric edges around the cork. Make sure you pull the fabric fairly tight so that it is not loose on the cork board. 

After you have your first piece of fabric glued down, create a crease on your next piece and glue it across your first in any angle you enjoy. You can have fun with this and line it up where ever you see fit.

That is basically the entire concept! I decided to go with two but you can decorate all four depending on how large of a space you have.

Lastly place them on your wall and start those vision boards! Since I am all about Comfortable Spaces, most of my boards reflect home deigns that I truly love!

I hope this office DIY got some of your creative juices flowing. I love to create and design areas with a small budget. This was such a simple project that added so much character to my space for almost no cost. 

I'm really excited to see how I can expand some design concepts in this room and as always I'm thrilled to take you along on the journey. I will be continuing to post great ways to organize, design, and shop on a budget for my home office. So keep checking back for some awesome reads to be heading your way soon! 

Are you working on redesigning your home office? How's the creative process going? I'd love to see links to rooms that you are loving in your home! 

And for even more design fun, follow me on Instagram to see some of my favorite Comfortable Spaces! 

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