Monday, February 15, 2016

It Was a Day to Remember

We all need to have those truly special days. The ones where you need to step a side for a moment to take a mental snapshot so that it will be sealed on your heart forever. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Each second so precious and overwhelmingly enjoyable. Not really because of the adventures had (although great), but more for the company kept and the laughs shared. 

It started out like any other Sunday, up early for church. But the spirit in the building once I arrived was so sweet. An overwhelming presence of Jesus knowing that it was a special day, filled with love, was all around. It was like coming home to all the beautiful comforts be exhale in. There was peace all throughout the sanctuary and I could breath so easily once in there.

After second service, it was time to lead our monthly outreach meeting. A time I've come to hold so dearly to my soul. Hearts were vastly open to receive what I knew God was trying to speak into our lives for this upcoming season and the spirit in the room was again oh so sweet.

The afternoon was one of family. My tiny little family, as it stands at the moment, consists of my adorable hubby, our exchange student, and myself. After a few small gifts and cards were exchanged we headed out for a family brunch at one of our favorite neighborhood spots. The food was delicious and the company even better.

A quick walk across the road and we were all at the cutest little coffee shop in the center of our town that has only been there for a few months. The decor is inviting and cozy. The baristas were the friendliest. New hang out found! And on a freezing cold day of 14 degrees outside, steamy coffee was greatly appreciated.

In the evening my hubby took me out for our romantic Valentine date. He had booked us a couples painting session at a local paint place. A full room filled with sweethearts painting two canvases to make one picture. The crowd was energetic and absolutely hysterical.

My hubs and I sipped glasses of Chianti we brought home from Italy as the older gentleman next to us offered advice on how to have a happy, lasting marriage. He spoke to us of his 33 years of wedded bliss and how he still truly believes his wife is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Step back, take a breath, and snap that mental picture. I want to remember this night forever.

At the end of the evening we had a beautiful painting to commemorate this amazing Valentines. So much laughter was a part of the night and it's something that I will keep in my heart always.

Once safely home for the night, we put on a Nicholas Sparks film (because it's not really Valentines day without one) and fell asleep while snuggled up on the couch. I could not have asked for a lovelier day. It was perfect in every way. I thank God for every blessing, every moment, and every mental snapshot that I was able to tuck away. It really was a day to remember. 

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