Monday, February 8, 2016

What I've Learned in Two Years of Marriage

Guess what?? Today I am celebrating 2 amazing years with my incredible husband! Through everything we've been through thus far, I am so thankful to be on this journey with him. He has been a shining light in my life and no matter what, I couldn't imagine my life without him.

I did a post like this last year all about the things I had learned in the first year of marriage and it helped me so much to get it out as well as helped so many of you, my incredible readers. So I thought, why not add to the list! Here are all of the amazing things I have learned over the second year of my marriage!

Pray! If prayer is not a part of your regular routine, you will struggle. Josh and I thrive a thousand times stronger when we allow time to pray with each other and for each other. If there is even the tiniest crack in your marriage, then the enemy will try to take you down. You need to create a strong foundation of prayer and continue to build each other up as you go.

Let your spouse be them. If you are consistently trying to push your spouse to be someone they are not, resentment will grow among you. When you were married, you married all of them. So let them be themselves and do what it is that is important to them (even if you're pretty sure you'll never fully understand why they love it so much). The point is they love it, so cheer them on.

There are going to be hard times. Now that we have that settled, we can realize that those difficult times are not there to take us out but rather to strengthen us. If you allow yourself to learn during a hard season, then growth will happen. And growing together is what builds a marriage.

Don't let other people run your lives. It is super hard coming from my people pleasing background to not want to cater to everyone, but at the end of the day your family is you and your spouse. Your focus needs to be on making each other happy over everyone else. There are going to be thoughts and opinions galore on how you do things. Shake them off and focus on what it is that is best for your marriage, not other people.

Always leave time for date night. We are having a really cool experience this year hosting our exchange student. She's lovely and its fun having our family grow for the year. However, somewhere in the shuffle of things, we sort of let date night slip for a while. It is so super important to get that alone time with each other and date night has become a priority yet again!

It's ok to do things apart from each other. I would say that Josh and I are fairly independent people who can both travel the world completely on our own and be 100% comfortable in that. But since we've gotten married, we've very much been in that honeymoon phase of doing everything together. This year we have branched out more from this behavior, going on a few trips alone. And that's ok. We do not need to be attached at the hip to know that we love each other. We can do things on our own as well as together.

Make time for the silliness. Sometimes life just happens and things can get pretty serious really fast if you let it. You need to leave time for the sillies. The jokes, the laughter, and the playfulness needs to be a part of your every day life. Laughter truly is some of the very best medicine. Laugh together. It will make you love each other even more.

Always remember that you are partners. This journey can be a long and very stressful one, but that is why God gave you a partner in your spouse. And one is not better than the other. Rather, you compliment each other so that you can grow into incredibly strong people. When you work together to accomplish each life task, you get through them easier. And its a lot more fun too!

This past year has been a blessing (and went by way too fast). It was filled to the brim with excitement and new adventures. Each day my husband and I learn a little more about who we are in our marriage and as people. I couldn't imagine sharing this journey with any one else. I pray that these will help you as they have helped us over the past year!  
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