Sunday, March 20, 2016

Decorative Organization for Your Kitchen

I have loved talking about the great ways to get your home clean and organized for the spring. It seriously gets me super excited. (I do believe I have a little bit of Danny Tanner in me!) I enjoy the clean.

One of my favorite areas to organize in my home is the kitchen. Mainly because there are tons of great ways that you can keep your items in order while still looking super cute along the way. Win, win! I've found so many awesome buys recently that I've been able to use to decorate with, as well as organize my kitchen and I'm loving them all.

Here are some of my absolute favorite ways to use decorative pieces to organize your kitchen!

Stylized Boxes

I am a huge fan of cute boxes. They are an easy way to keep your items organized while adding your own style to your space. This lovely little piece I found recently at Hobby Lobby and fell head over heals. It was exactly what I was looking for when it came to tea organization.

This is my before pic of all the teas that were literally falling out of my cabinet every time I opened the door. 

The thing I love about this box is that the lid is glass. So I was able to set up all my teas in the separate cubby spaces while still seeing them from the top. It's convenient and stylish. Not to mention, it now becomes the perfect accessory to bring out every week when I have the girls over for small group.

Decorative Containers

The next way I like to keep the kitchen organized is through decorative containers. They are an easy way to keep a particular stylistic feel in your home while staying super functional. These glass jars I picked up at Pier 1 Imports last year. They add a bit of a country feel to the space and are where we keep the flour, sugar, and coffee. Basically all the important stuff!

I am in love with the versatility and function of these OXO containers I picked up from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. They are great for keeping pastas, home made trail mix, oatmeal, and any other fun food items in them. They're easy to stack and slide right into our fairly small pantry. It gets rid of all those big bulky boxes and keeps my shelves a lot more clear.

My spices I keep organized in this super handy rack I was given by my cousins for our wedding. It is the perfect way to have every item I need to cook with and it adds a little flavor to my decor as well. (See what I did there...spices, flavor...yeah!)

The Three Tier Tray

Three tier trays are basically my fav at the moment. They're not only gorgeous but they are seriously so functional. We were having a coffee cup overload in our cabinets when I found this beauty to help us out. Now I can display some of my favorite cups and I can change them with the seasons to add even more design elements to the decor. I'm really in love y'all! Oh, and I picked her up from Pier 1 for a serious steal! 

Hanging Items

Another great way to use your kitchen items for style is to hang up your fancy aprons, towels, etc. I love the Command Brand hooks. I picked this one up from Target for a few bucks, placed it on the side of my kitchen cabinets, and hung up my favorite floral apron. Stylish and useful!

Ceramic Bowls

We are big fruit people in our house. We go through tons of it weekly. So having this ceramic fruit bowl is perfect to hold all of our delicious fruity goodness. I actually have several ceramic bowls that have been passed down to me over time and are all over my home. They add a touch of elegance to the different spaces and each are so unique. It's sort of like using art for storage!

Fancy Shopping Bags

I think the last way I really keep my kitchen organized is by using my favorite new Thirty-One bag to bring in all of my groceries. I've been talking a bit about meal planning here lately and this bad boy was yet another game changer in my weekly shopping process. It is super helpful and allows me to carry in so many of my grocery bags into the house at one time. Lifesaver here!

That really is about it for all of my favorite decorative ways to stay organized in your kitchen. I truly hope they were helpful for you all! While we like to clear out the unwanted junk in our homes during the spring, I think it's also nice to really show off the stuff we do love. It's an easy way to place your personality out there as you keep your home neat and tidy.

Oh, by the way! Happy Spring my friends! I can not believe it is actually here but it is and now we can throw our confetti in the air and celebrate because new life is right around the corner. As we watch the blossoms begin to bloom (anyone see them yet?? crazy!!) let's remember that it's a time for us to get rid of the junk and start fresh. Who else is as excited as me!!? Love y'all! 

Your turn!

What are some of your favorite ways to stay organized in your kitchen? 

For more fun pics (because you know we all have them) head on over to my Instagram and follow along my crazy pic journey! 

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