Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Don't Give Up // Celebrate the Small

Hey friends! I just wanted to spend a little time today encouraging ya'll. First off I have to say, we are headed into our third month of the year already, and there are some resolutions that I actually haven't given up on yet. That's awesome! I couldn't be more excited and proud that I set some goals that I'm actually accomplishing well every single week.

One of those goals was to get healthier and start meal planning. I'm super happy to say that I've successfully meal planned every single week so far this year. And I'm truly loving it to boot! 

Something else I've been doing more often, is spending time praying for God to give me the strength to accomplish goals that weren't getting done out of laziness or distraction. And you know what the crazy thing is...I'm actually getting those things done now. I'm taking the time to plan out my to-do list and I am doing it, distraction free. God is so good that He truly does care out the littlest parts of our lives and He is able to give us the strength to do anything! (Philippians 4:13)

But here's the rub, there are actually things I really wanted to accomplish this year that haven't been given the most attention. There are check marks on my life's list of to-do's that are still waiting to be marked off. There are goals that I set for myself that just aren't being completed.

And with all of that in mind, I'm still ok. This year I am choosing to not let the guilt of missing some items on my list, completely consume me. Instead, I plan to take some time to celebrate the fact that I am getting things done. There are some great goals being accomplished. And I am moving closer to that life I'm trying to build. 

Today I want to celebrate the fact that I spent my first full winter at home in the last 4 years and I did not wallow in deep seasonal depression through it. I got up daily and accomplished my lists and came closer to my goals regularly.

Today I want to celebrate that my family is eating healthier, our grocery budget is much smaller, and I've officially lost 12 and a half pounds! Instead of lying around in baggy sweaters this winter, I set a goal to make a change and I've followed through with it, day by day.

Today I want to celebrate the fact that I am successfully juggling several jobs, while still keeping my home clean and organized. There is dinner made on the table every evening and I'm still getting 8 hours of sleep a night...a complete win in my book.

Today I want to celebrate that for the first time in a very long time, I'm giving priority to me. I'm allowing myself to be healthy and strong so that I can then be a stronger leader to others. I'm not feeling guilty when I take time to pamper myself because a happier me is more productive.

And most of all, today I am celebrating not giving up! Of course I can look at all the things I've yet to accomplish, the goals I've yet to complete, and start to feel overwhelmed and inadequate. But I haven't given up on those things and I'm going to continue to push forward, working hard to complete what needs to be finished. Because I know, that the very best in my life is still yet to come!

Your Turn! 

I want to hear from all of you! What are you going to take time to celebrate today? Seriously, stop what you are doing right now and have a little dance party, throw confetti in the air, buy yourself a little something special, or do all three! You deserve it!!

Now come and join me on Instagram, where we can be photo buds and show the world what exciting accomplishments we are completing day by day!
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