Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Easy Organization & Cleaning Tips // Spring Cleaning Month

I am super excited that it's March! Let's take a second to do our March happy dance....

Ok, now that we've finished with that, on to our theme for the next four weeks. Just in case you missed it in the title, it is spring cleaning month. Throughout this entire month we will be going over great ways to clean, organize, and design your space so that you can get the most functionality out of it. So make sure you're checking back here each week for more fun tips!

To start this month off, I just wanted to give ya'll some of my overall easy organization and cleaning tips for any area in your home. These will help to lighten your space and make you feel clutter free as you move through them.

Stow away all of the appliances you don't use on a daily basis

My home always feels more organized when there is less clutter lying around. This includes those big bulky appliances that line the countertops of your kitchen and/or bathroom. If you are not using it daily, it does not need to stay out. It will give your living space a lighter feel all around.

Vacuum your hardwood floors

I know that traditionally we sweep or swifter our hardwoods, but to be honest I love to vacuum all of mine. I have noticed that this picks up so much more dirt and dust than sweeping, as well as picking up any stray dog hairs that may be lying around.

Go through your "catch all" drawer monthly

We all have them. Those pesky drawers that are filled to the max with God knows what. A great way to keep your space organized is by sorting through that catch all drawer monthly and making sure the junk doesn't add up.

For a fresh scent, pick up any mats, dog beds, towels, etc around your home to wash them

There are definitely times when our floor mats or dog beds can begin to catch an odor that will linger in the house. The best way to make sure you're not stuck with a smelly home is to wash these items at least twice a month or more. This simple task can leave your home smelling so much fresher.

Don't let your mail pile, pile up

This is such a big one. If you go through your mail regularly and place it in the appropriate locations, then you will never have a huge pile to tackle later on.

Hang up your coat the moment you walk into the door

This is such a simple thing, but so many people walk into their homes and just throw their jackets over the couch. Your home will stay so much more organized if you head straight to your closet or hooks and hang that coat up.

Create compartments in drawers that hold multiple items

This is such an easy and great way to get so much more use out of your drawer space. Whether it be your kitchen drawers or your sock drawer, placing dividers or bins within them to section off specific spaces can be super helpful in keeping your stuff organized.

Place your clothes in your closet by color

Now this may seem a little extra OCD, but it has been a game changer for me. I started organizing by color years ago and now I always know where to find each item that I'm searching for. It keeps the space looking neat and helps me to know where everything is.

Vacuum weekly

It really is as simple as that. I tend to vacuum two-three times a week actually because I have a dog. Not only does this keep the floors looking fresh and clean, but it also helps with any pesky odors that may want to burrow in the carpets or rugs. Another helpful trick while you are vacuuming is to sprinkle carpet cleaner across the surface of your carpet (or even baking soda will work). This will help to get any lingering yucky scents, out of your carpet.

These easy cleaning and organizational ideas will help you to keep your space more functional. I honestly use each and every one of these tips regularly and it has kept my home put together and clean. These actions allow my home from looking cluttered while also making the monthly maintenance super low. If you clean and organize along the way, you're left with almost no mess around your house.

I'm super excited for this month! There are going to be great posts on how to organize different rooms in your home, fun DIY tutorials, and some budget friendly buys to make the most out of your space. So keep your eyes peeled!

Your Turn!

I would love to hear your best organizational tips! How do you keep your home clean & clutter free? 

For even more fun organization tips, follow me on Pinterest for some great ideas! And if you want to know some of my favorite ways to declutter than check out this post: How to Declutter 101

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