Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Refinished DIY Television Stand

Hey friends! This month we are talking all about how we can get our spaces clean and organized for the spring! I absolutely love the beauty of spring. The fresh flowers beginning to bud, the days without jackets starting, and the very best, opening up the windows to let the delicious air filter through the house. I just love every piece!

Getting my home ready for spring means preparing for the upcoming gatherings, the BBQs, the long nights out on the porch, and of course planting season! Spring makes me productive, and nothing makes you more productive than an organized space.

One of the ways I like to stay organized and allow my home to continue looking pristine is by purchasing furniture that fits the space well. There is nothing worse than seeing a huge bulky piece of furniture squeezed into a teeny area filled with junk. If you have a petite space, then you need to accommodate it appropriately. 

For us, we have radiators and windows on every wall in our home, so we've needed to get creative with our furniture choices. We honestly spent the better part of two years searching for the perfect TV stand and came up with nothing. After an endless trek, we stumbled upon a beauty in the Habitat for Humanity Restore Store and picked it up for only $40! 

Here is how we rehabbed her to fit in with our decor and space so that she could become the perfect storage unit for our DVDs and other items!

When we found this beauty, she was painted with thick black paint. It seriously took us forever to sand it all down and we went through countless amounts of sand paper. But several layers later, we were able to get most of it off. 

For this we mainly swapped between a sanding block and sheets, both with a 60 grit. When purchasing the right sandpaper, you just want something with a thicker texture to be able to get through those leftover paint layers.

After all of the tiring sanding was complete, I realized I kinda liked the black base and should have left more of it. But it was too little too late at that point. So I left a lot more of the black on the doors and the base.

Next came removing all of the hardware. Make sure if you are doing this to place all of the screws in a safe place so you don't lose them.

The paint I picked out was an Annie Sloan brand chalk paint called "Paris Grey." I truly am in love with this color and want to use it on more furniture pieces in the future. It's beautiful!

When I am painting, I like to use more of a dry brush technique. I place very little paint on the edge of the brush (even dabbing some off if need be) and then dragging it across the piece as I go. This gives the look a more streaky feel with a shabby chic vibe. And if you want a thicker look, you can always layer it till you reach your desired appearance.

Make sure that when you are painting that you are always following the grain of the wood so it doesn't end up with a hap hazard design. 

Here was the TV stand fully painted. With the doors off of the stand I was able to paint them on their own as well. The chalk paint dries fairly fast so finishing both sides of the doors was pretty easy.

Once the painting was completed, I used a 100 grade sandpaper to soften the edges of everything. Again in purchasing your sandpaper, the finer texture is what you are looking for here. This adds to the shabby chic feel and for the doors, it brought out that background black color. Once the sanding was finished, I rubbed in the Annie Sloan wax to seal everything up.

And the TV stand was complete! As you can see, the space is small, off to a corner and a bit wonky in its area. This piece was such a perfect fit for the space and I'm super happy we took the time to rehab it and bring it back to life!

I am in love with how this TV stand came out! It's completely my style, color pallet, and it is the perfect size for the space. I also really love how great the cabinets are for the storage of our DVDs and the TV appliances. Everything fits so well!

Don't forget to come back later this week when we will be going over all the great ways to organize your living room. I'll also be giving you a little tour of this stand and how I keep everything coordinated within it. You're not gonna wanna miss it!

I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial today and if you have an opportunity to design your own DIY television stand, I would love to see it on Instagram! Just tag me in the comments!

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