Thursday, March 10, 2016

Simple Storage Solutions for Your Living Room

Hello friends! Welcome back! This whole month we are talking about great ways to keep your home clean and organized as we head into the spring cleaning season. I love having my home picked up and put together and I love showing people great ways to get that same look for themselves.

I know that for the most part, there are a fair amount of items I want within reach in our living room. I also know that to keep our living room organized, there are a few essential storage solutions that assist in that effort regularly. Each of them have a specific functionality that bring organization as well as style to the room.

The very first area that I wanted to focus on in our living room was the entryway. We do not have a traditional foyer so as you walk into our home, it is immediately opened up to the living room. However, there is a very easy way to create a foyer feel, complete with organized spaces. All you need is a little creativity and furniture placement. 

The first thing I did was place the back of our sofa toward the door. This helps distinguish between the living room space and the entryway. 

Next, we were given this long bench which we faced into this space, placing it opposite the couch. This provides the perfect seating area for people to take their shoes on and off. This look became complete with these amazing wicker baskets I grabbed at Target. They fit beautifully under the bench and we use them to organize and contain all of our continually worn shoes.

Moving on to some of my favorite magazines! I am a magazine junkie (especially when it comes to home design reads). I love to have them around my living room because they give me some amazing inspiration while I am working on my blog. So to keep them neatly tucked into their very own space, I like using this gorgeous wicker handle basket that I've literally had for ages. If you're looking for one like it, I know they have an amazing selection at Pier 1.

Altogether that completes our entryway space. This allows everything to be easily accessible while staying neatly tucked away and clutter free.

My next favorite piece of organizational furniture in the living room is this great six square shelf unit I picked up at Target. I truly love this thing. It is super sturdy and really is the perfect size for the space. Remember, picking the correct size furniture is half the battle.

I like to keep some of my old records here with the player on top. Using the same matching wicker baskets that I purchased at Target, I am able to stow away electrical cords for charging, some of the current books I'm reading, my powersheets from Lara Casey, and a few other odds and ends that I use daily. I love these baskets (can ya tell??). 

Earlier this week I went over exactly how I refinished our new TV stand. If you missed that post, you should definitely check it out! I promised a look see into our cabinet area and here it is.

This space is perfect for keeping all of our DVDs and TV series. I use an array of baskets and bins to keep this area highly functional and I love them all!

I picked up this beauty from the Thirty-One brand and it is the perfect size for keeping all of my DVDs in order. (Little tip, I place all of my DVDs in alphabetical order. I know it can seem a bit OCD, but I always know exactly how to find what I am looking for.) The two end bins I picked up from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and they seriously hold so much! 

Oh, and that cute little wicker octagon basket, I picked up from Thirty-One as well. They're simply perfect for holding things like the remotes to all these crazy electronics so I never lose anything.

My last living room storage solution is this super fun galvanized container. I found this at a yard sale for $5 and it has been one of my favorite ever. We use it for so much. But when it is just chilling at the house, it's main purpose is blanket holder. I find nothing more fun than snuggling up with a cozy blanket so I always have plenty on hand.

Ok, so I had to end this post with my babe! How sweet is her little face!! She was all like, "Mommmm, I don't want my picture taken." I seriously just love her so much! 

There are definitely fun ways you can keep your home spruced up and clutter free while still keeping those essential items within arms reach. I hope these storage solutions give you some inspiration to help organize your space. 

Your Turn!

What are your favorite simple storage solutions??

I would love to see how you keep your home clutter free! Head on over to Instagram and tag me in some of your favorite storage solutions! And if you want even more ideas, I have a great board on Pinterest that you can follow! Love you lots!

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