Thursday, April 14, 2016

Little Touches of Spring for Your Home

Changing seasons gets me excited for so many reasons. (Oh yay, I just read that back and it totally rhymes!) But honestly one of my most favorite reasons is switching up the decor!! I could flip stuff around, trade spaces, and redesign just about any area of my house and have a blast through every second. I love finding new items at Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Pier 1.....I mean the list seriously does go on and on. And then I like to dress up my space with my new treasures.

I love spring. Mainly because I love spring decor. I think my personal style is a bit different than the average spring decor stylist. I know people love adding in bright pops of color, but my personal style is much more muted. So I tend to gravitate to the bright whites and creams. They're probably my fav in most of my designs. And gold! I've been loving gold lately.

I've organized a few pics of how the home has been getting a bit of a spruce up for the spring season. Enjoy loves!!

My basic feel for our overall space has been to clear away the clutter, add some bright white accents, and a ton of flowers (both real and fake). I love the brightly colored flowers. Tons of big white hydrangeas and tulips, with only tiny pops of color here and there. 

I love the springy feel that a solid green plant brings to a space as well. I think the combo of white and green play off each other to add such a sweet feel of color and comfort. Finally I switched up all of our bedding to get rid of the heavier winter colors (not to mention weight of the old duvet) and added this brand new all white bedding set I found at Home Goods. 

What are some of your favorite ways to add little touches of spring to your home? 

If you want more fun photos of my home and how we are lighting the place up for spring, or you just wanna get to know me a little more, then head on over to my Instagram and follow along on my home decor adventures! I'd love to be Insta friends!

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