Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Cleaning the Soul

I need to have some real talk with y'all for a minute. I've actually sat down to write this post about 4 separate times over the course of a month long period and just couldn't seem to do it. There has been a hardcore block in my writing lately and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why.

I've been to two separate conferences in the past month, sharing in God's love and bonding with my sisters in Christ. First Devoted Conference in Virginia Beach and then Pursuit Conference in Rome (no not Italy....Georgia y'all). In this time I've learned so much about God's heart for me and my business that I'm in the process of getting organized and ready to release. But most recently I realized why I was having such a struggle writing.


It's almost hard for me to admit, but I realized that there was a piece of me that has stopped being authentic over the past few months. I've read through some of my more recent post and noticed just how much they sound like a bubbly, but bad 80s infomercial. And that is not me y'all. Not in the least bit.

It's almost like, I want so badly to share with y'all but have way too much fear choking me out to just be me. I am a major goof, but my posts never sound funny because I have a fear that if I write in my true voice, y'all will be like...well she's just way too quirky for me. And then not want to read my stuff anymore.

During this past week at Pursuit Conference, there were so many speakers who kept reiterating the necessity to simply be authentic. Just be who God created you to be, they kept saying.

I haven't been doing that here recently, and for that I am so sorry y'all. I truly am. In fact, I'm not all that sure you know a whole lot about me. And that's sad because, that's how you truly reach out to people and make a real impact in their lives. I know those are my personal favorite bloggers to read, and yet I haven't been doing it myself.

Vulnerability is super scary. It's allowing yourself to be put out there with the knowledge that people could just judge you right on back. Fearing judgement is something I have always struggled with. But after this week I've realized that I am not the only one. We all struggle with that fear and we really just need a soul sister to jump on up and say, Yes! me too! I'm just as scared! But together we can get through it because that is why God gave us these sisters.

God has been calling me to step up this year and do some big things with my life. Things that will impact so many people. But if I'm honest, I haven't been rising because I've allowed those deep seeded fears to take root over the word of God for my life. I need that to end. I need it to end now.

From now on, I want to draw closer to Him, and become more vulnerable with y'all. I wanna stand on this platform that He has given me and encourage my fellow sisters who are struggling just as I am. I want to share in the compassion of all of your stories and get to know you all better, because my blog is truly here for all of you. It's to help encourage all of you, and teach y'all about home design, and how to make your little corner of the world the comfiest it can be.

So from now on, I am promising y'all a much more authentic voice. More of the real me. And more care for all of you. I'm not going to let the enemy take me down with fear anymore. I thank all of you who have been with me on this journey so far. Trust me, I don't take any of you for granted. And I'm excited for where God is taking us all together as we move into the future.

So with that ramble being said, I want to talk about some changes here and some growth that will be coming to Comfortable Spaces. First of all, I know that my writing and posting has been sporadic lately. I sincerely apologize for that. Part of that has to do with not being fully inspired, and the other part of that has to do with life. I took on a new job just before the holidays and that means I'm out of the house a whole lot more than I ever was. So I'm learning how to balance all of the things I love.

Moving forward, you can expect two posts a week, every Monday and Thursday. I have some wonderful content coming your way with beautiful creatives who will just be sharing their craft with y'all. You can also expect even more comfy home designs, a bit of travel, and a ton of encouragement.

I thank you so much for your patience while I've been learning that balance. It's been a hectic ride, but I love where God is taking me and I know it will only help strengthen me so that I can pour more into you.

I want to be more of me, so that all of you can be more of you. I love y'all so very much!!

PS. If you kept up with all of those y'alls, then you seriously deserve a massive hug. I wrote this so feverishly that when I went back to proof read it I was like, daaaang! There are a lot in there. But it's me, so I'm taking them out haha! xo
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