Thursday, April 28, 2016

The One Thing You Need to Decorate Your Home

Over the years I've spent a decent amount of time decorating and redecorating the different spaces in our home. To be honest, there are multiple reasons why I've done that. I recognize that pieces of my designs change because I tend to change as a person. I've also realized that for the greater portion of my time decorating our home, I've tried to stick within a particular theme. 

When you try to organize your space within one theme, you come very limited to how your designs manifest themselves. I'm more than just a wife. I'm a daughter, friend, creative, etc., so my style can't be defined by one particular word either. Allowing myself the permission to let go of "themed designs" has given me so much freedom in how I decorate a space.

But that's not the one thing that you need to decorate your home well. (Although it is a fun little snippet of thought for you to chew on.) So many people talk to me about how I've created my space at home. They ask questions about design decisions and what has helped me to decorate as well as I have. I can honestly say that it all boils down to one easy word.....


You absolutely need to have confidence in your design decisions or you will continue to struggle creating your home oasis. How do I know this?? Because it was something that I struggled with majorly when we first bought our house.

It became an overwhelming task for me to decide what I wanted to place on the walls, what colors I wanted in each room, and how I wanted the overall flow to feel. I remember that I kept thinking to myself, "What if I decide wrong??" But the truth is, if you have confidence in your design style then you can't really go wrong.

If you are a blue person and you decide to paint your walls green because that is what's "in," a part of you will always dislike that room, because you're not a green person, you're a blue person. Does that make sense? Your space needs to reflect your personality.

Yes there are definitely different color rules that will help give your home a certain feel. And mainly these rules were created after a decent amount of research into how our brains interpret different colors and patterns. But that doesn't mean you can't find something that describes your personality while still staying aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the decisions for all your colors, take some time to do a little research about what different colors mean. Is there a specific feeling you want your house to have? For our home I wanted breathable and cozy. So I chose colors that spoke those two things the second you walk into our house. And I was confident in the color choices I went with.

And what about decor pieces? If you see a funky item that you thing will look perfect on your dining room wall, don't second guess yourself. The item appealed to you for some reason. So pick that bad boy up and place it on your wall. Odd decor pieces usually have the most fun stories behind them and are always conversation starters.

If your having a hard time figuring out what your design style is, spend a little time on Pinterest. You can search basically any home style and find tons of pictures. I can tell you right now that my spirit does something completely different when I see farmhouse style pics versus modern loft style photos. Not that one is better than the other, it's just what my personal spirit responds to. That helps me understand the aesthetics I enjoy most, therefore assisting in my design process.

Also, don't allow trends to determine whether you want to purchase an item or not. Be the trend starter by picking up something different, something that is completely you, and something that adds personality to your home.

Believe me when I tell you that I allowed my fear of making poor choices affect my decorating for so long. There were so many walls in our home that just sat blank because I was afraid to make the wrong choice in what went up. Leaving me with an ultra boring home. Don't let fear stop you from giving your home the personality it deserves.

Oh, and one other thing that set me free when it came to decorating our home was this thought....nothing is permanent! Seriously! A part of me was so gripped by fear to hang up the wrong thing like it was going to be permanently plated there for the end of time. If you hang something up and in a week, month, or year later you decide you hate it, then you can take it down. It's that simple. There ya go....I just set someone's world on fire. You're welcome.

Having the confidence to know what is your style and what you can definitely live without will make your decorating more enjoyable. After all, decorating is a form of creativity. So let your creative side may just surprise yourself!

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